Xpeng P7 Specs

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RWD Long Range
RWD Super-Long Range
4WD High Performance
* Nationwide Retail Price Post Comprehensive Subsidies (RMB)
Length x Width x Height
4880mm / 1896mm / 1450mm
Track Front / Rear
1615mm / 1621mm
No. of Seats
Curb Weight
Cargo Space (5 seats / rear seats folding down)
Comprehensive Performance
Type of Drive
RR layout
2nd Generation Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Maximum Power Output / Maximum Torque
Maximum Speed
Liquid-cooled Constant Temperature Ternary Lithium Battery Pack (IP68 dustproof and waterproof)
Heating Device for Extreme Low Temperature
NEDC range
NEDC range (80% to 30% charge)
DC Charging Time (30% to 80% charge)
≥28 min
AC Charging Time (30% to 80% charge)
Three-phase Electric1 Charging Time (30% to 80% charge)
Suspension System
Front Double Wishbone Independent Suspension / Rear Multi-link Independent Suspension
Braking System
Front and Rear Ventilated Braking Disc
Braking Energy Recovery Mode
High / Low
Drag Coefficient
XPILOT Advanced Driving Assistance System
Hardware System
Hardware System Version
Intelligent control unitXavier
Super-powerful computing platform
High-definition Millimetre Wave Radar
Ultrasonic Wave Sensors
Autonomous Driving Surround View Camera [TWICE]
Autonumous Driving High Perception Camera
Sub-meter High-precision Positioning System
Autonomous Driving System
Automatic Driving Simulation Display System
Adaptive Cruise Control System (with stop/go follow)
Smart Parking System
Superior Automatic Parking Assistance System (Multi scenario, multi parking lot)
Active Safety System
Forward Collision Prevention
●* ●*
●* ●*
●* ●*
Lateral Collision Prevention
●* ●*
●* ●*
●* ●*
Rear Collision Prevention
●* ●*
●* ●*
●* ●*
Transparent Chassis
360° Full Vision Parking Assistance
Rearview Camera with Parking Assistance
Xmart OS In-car Intelligent System
Mobile App Remote Control
Wi-Fi / 4G Network
14.96-inch "2K+" Touch Screen
10.25-inch HD Liquid Crystal Intelligent Instrument Panel
In-car Bluetooth 4.0
Financial-grade Information Security
128GB Storage
In-car Games
In-car APP Stores
Online Content Services
Whole-car OTA Service
Remote Diagnostics
Supercharging Service
AI-Empowered Functions
Sentinel Mode
AI Voice Assistant
AI Voice Assistant Intelligent Recommendation
Welcome Mode
Meditation Mode
Car Location Search
Smart Navigation
X-ID Account Service
Smart Music Cockpit
Dynaudio Concert-hall Style Sound System (Imported 18 speakers, 7.1.2 soundtrack, DTS:X immersive sound effect technology2)
Xpeng Advanced Surround Sound System (8 speakers)
Xpeng Advanced Sound System (4 speakers)
In-car KTV
Intelligent Exterior Lighting
Surround Rhythmic Ambient Lights
Full-cabin Music Surround Sound Control
Cabin Theme
●Stylish Orange● Cool Black / Elegant Beige
Sports Red / Cool Black
● Cool Black / Elegant Beige
Sports Red / Cool Black
Seat Material
●High-quality chamois-leather + textile●High-quality leather
Nappa leather
●High-quality leather
Nappa leather
Tufted Carpet
Bluetooth Digital Key
NFC Digital Key
Frameless Doors
Panoramic Glass Roof
Hidden Electric Door Handle
Auto-sensing LED Headlights (with steering auxiliary lighting)
Lightsaber 2.0 LED Lights
Front -/Rear●Front ●/Rear●Front ●/Rear●
LED Daytime Running Lights
Driving Range Extension Pack 3
Single-phase AC Charging Mode
Three-phase AC Charging Mode
220V AC Output
Electric Charging Port (electric opening & automatic closing)
Four-door Intelligent Lift Window With Anti-trap Function
Electric Exterior Mirrors
Electric Exterior Rear Foldable Mirrors with Heating Memory
Keyless Door Opening & Switch-on
Automatic Door Lock After Exit
18-inch Nebula Wheel Hub (245/50 R18)
19-inch Bicolor Wheel Hub (245/45 R19)
19-inch All-black Sports Wheel Hub (245/45 R19)
19-inch Nebula Wheel Hub (245/45 R19)
Front Door Welcome Strip
3D Touch Multi-function Leather Wrap Steering Wheel (4-way adjustable)
Mobile Phone Wireless Charging (fast charging)
In-car Power (12V)
USB Port
1 Charging Port + 1 Data Port3 Charging ports + 1 Data port3 Charging ports + 1 Data port
Xfreebreath Intelligent Air Purification System (PM2.5 detection and purification / plasma purification and sterilization / External tail gas monitoring / self-drying and mildew proof)
Dual Zone Automatic Air Conditioning System (with pollen filter)
Hidden A/C Outlet
A/C Outlet for Rear Seat Passengers
High Temperature Sanitization Function
Driver‘s Seat 8-way Power Adjustment
Driver's Seat 4-way Lumbar Support Power Adjustment
Front Passenger Seat 6-way Power Adjustment
Front Seat Heating
Driver’s Seat Ventilation
Driver Seat Position Memory
Folding-down Rear Seats
Rear Armrest With Cup Holder
Safety Specs
Rearview Mirror with Auto-dimming
ManualAutomatic Automatic
Front / Rear Seat Airbag
Driver / Front Passenger Seat Airbag
Front Seat Side Airbag
ESP 9.3 Electric Stability Program
i-Booster Smart Brake Booster
Electronic Parking Brake
AUTOHOLD Auto-parking
Brembo Brake System
Front Parking Radar / Side Parking Radar
Rear Parking Radar
MSB (Collison preloading)
Driver Seat Preloading Limited Force Seatbelt
Front Passenger Seat Preloading Limited Force Seatbelt
Rear Passenger Seat Side Preloading Limited Force Seatbelt
Rear Middle Seat Emergency Safety Lock
Front and Rear Seat Belt Fastened Reminders
ISO FIX Child Safety Seat Mounting Fixture
Electronic Child Lock
AVAS (multiple options)
In-Car Tool Kit
  • Standard Configuration;
  • ●*Obtain Configuration Through OTA upgrade
  • Optional Configuration;
  • No such configuration
  • *These retail prices are only applicable to private purchasers. They are not applicable to non-private purchasers or vehicles for business purposes. In response to the national subsidy policy adjustments announced on July 22, 2020, Xpeng Motors will provide the equivalent of subsidies for the P7 four-wheel drive high-performance version to retail purchasers.
  • Smart Music Cockpit Kit includes: NFC card key, tufted carpet, Dynaudio theater-class sound system, Nappa leather seats and corresponding interior theme;After purchasing the package, the vehicle contains a total of 18 speakers, including a subwoofer.
  • Convenient Charging Kit includes: Three-phase AC Charging Mode, 220V AC Output;
  • 1Requires optional charging kit with three-phase AC charging mode
  • 2Obtain functions through OTA upgrade
  • 3Range Extension Pack includes: aerodynamic kit, X-Pedal driving mode
  • The vehicle configuration information is only applicable to the corresponding models produced within a certain production month, and the vehicle configuration information produced during different production months might be different. The battery range and charging time are for reference only, and vary depending on the actual circumstances. The configuration table is only for reference, and the actual situation should be based on the actual vehicles sold by the sales store. Xpeng Motros has the right to explain and reserve the right to change technical parameters, configuration and other product information within the scope enforced by laws and regulations.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the performance data ​in the table are tested under standard configuration.
  • XPILOT 3.0 hardware system has stronger software upgrade capability, and will gradually obtain functions including highway navigation-guided pilot , automatic driving simulation display, parking lot memory parking and other functions through OTA upgrade. If you need to upgrade the high-level software, please contact the direct sales store or a third-party authorized store to purchase.
  • XPILOT intelligent driving system is a driving assistance function and cannot cope with all traffic, weather and road conditions. The driver must always pay attention to observe the current traffic situation. If the automatic assist driving system fails to provide proper steering assistance or maintain proper distance and speed, the driver must actively intervene. Please read all information about XPILOT in the driver manual to better understand the limitations of this system. The driver should be aware of these restrictions before using XPILOT. Please be cautious during complex and changeable traffic conditions, icy and snowy roads, wet and slippery weather, stagnant or muddy roads, poor visibility, rugged mountain roads, or highway exits.
  • "Three-phase AC charging mode" requires 380V charging pile support. Please confirm that you have the conditions in advance.
  • "Bluetooth digital key" and "NFC digital key" refer to product functions, not physical accessories.
  • The microphone of the "In-car KTV" and the handle of the "In-car Game" need to be purchased separately. Please visit the official website, Tmall flagship store, direct sales stores or third-party stores to purchase.