Intelligent Electric Coupe with Internet DNA

The P7 is our 2nd-generation smart car built on SEPA (Smart Electric Platform Architecture). XPENG’s first intelligent coupe, it offers a new design featuring 4-second acceleration to 100 km/h. Powered by its intelligent dual-chip system, the P7 delivers localized autonomous driving optimized for China, with a seamlessly connected in-car ecosystem. It brings tomorrow’s smart mobility to today’s smart living.

C-NCAP 5-star
safety design standard
Wheelbase 3m
Length 4.9m
Driving range
NEDC 600+ km
Dual-motor 4WD
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 4s

Data from XPENG Lab. Acceleration and driving range can vary based on driving style, environment and road conditions.

Design radiates vitality
The Power of Life, Cosmic Energy
The P7’s futuristic, minimalist exterior with its low center of gravity embodies cosmic energy, while its natural intelligence evolves in sync with your driving habits – energetic, vital, intuitive, always at your command.
+ 8
The 2nd generation smart car. Rediscover driving
Intelligent Architecture Powered by a Dual-chip System
Built on the SEPA platform, the P7 is a next-generation smart vehicle with more advanced
autonomous driving features and fusion-based perception, all powered by its dual-chip system.
The P7 offers you full connectivity to your online world. XPENG’s intelligent vehicle ecosystem
is now online for the first time with more features ready for download. 
Intelligent Dual-chip System
SEPA - Smart Electric Platform Architecture
Optimizes your driving experience with faster response, sharper perception and greater comfort.


NVIDIA’s most advanced autonomous vehicle chip - 30 trillion computing operations per second.  1

Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ 820A

Qualcomm’s top-line vehicle processor,2 superior configuration.

SEPA - Smart Electric Platform Architecture
Built on SEPA, the P7 has an unmatched power-to-weight ratio plus optimum use of space. It has powerful onboard intelligence ready to handle a wide range of autonomous driving scenarios.

200x faster3

Data bandwidth

8x enhanced4

Data security chip
computing power

ASIL D highest level5

Secure autonomous driving
computing platform

Level 4 autonomous driving6

Capacity for future upgrades

5G communications6

Potential for future implementation

100% connectivity7

100Mbps Ethernet architecture

XPILOT 3.0 Intelligent ADAS
Easier Driving, Hands-free Parking
The XPILOT Advanced Driver Assistance System has been upgraded to enable autonomous driving tailored for China’s road conditions. On city roads, the cut-in prevention function helps you navigate better. On highways, it delivers Level 3 autonomous driving assistance.8In cruise mode, it will identify the best lane.10 Your P7 remembers your most-used parking spaces, and parks automatically at the end of your journey.9 XPILOT 3.0 delivers a driving experience that exceeds your expectations. 
Tailored autonomous driving10
Cut-in prevention for city driving11
Lane identification and automatic lane change on highways
Automatic parking
Memorizes most-used parking spaces, automatic parking at journey’s end 9
XUI Fusion-based perception 
Greater understanding. Fewer words
What is “intelligent driving”? XUI fusion-based perception answers your questions, empowering empowers the P7 with remarkable visual and auditory sensing capabilities and deep learning ability. The P7 can follow your instructions with one glance. XUI’s deep learning ability trains your P7 to become your intimate companion over time, with greater understanding but fewer words. It will learn your preferences and even select the right music to suit your mood. 12
Intuitive communication
XUI is not an impersonal machine interface but
provides natural and personalized interaction.
Intuitive recommendations
It understands you like an intimate companion,
and knows just how to help.
At your service
One glance can serve as a command. 
Ultimate connectivity
Your car connects you to the world 
The 2nd-generation intelligent vehicle is designed to integrate with tomorrow’s smart living. From driving to battery charging, your P7 can seamlessly coordinate and manage your work, travel, leisure and entertainment. More smart living features will be introduced to upgrade your lifestyle progressively. A new world of experiences awaits.
Vehicle ecosystem - APP STORE
Open platform with
abundant applications
With XPENG Motors’ independent APP STORE, we are creating an open, smart living platform with an immense variety of applications ready for download. 13 OTA upgrades will improve the P7's deep learning capabilities and unlock more functionality for this intelligent ecosystem.

Intelligent electric coupe with Internet DNA

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*1 Xavier achieves a performance of 30 TOPS. Data source: NVIDIA's official website. As of April 16, 2019, it is NVIDIA’s most advanced vehicle chip.

*2 As of April 16, 2019, Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 820A is its top vehicle processor.

*3 Uses 100 MHz Ethernet central gateway, 200 times faster than the 500K high-speed CAN bus.

*4 The computing power of the data security chip (for main frequency and RAM) is 8 times higher than the previous Xpeng model.

*5 Core computing platform, supported by the Xavier chip, has passed ASIL D level certification, the highest level in ASIL.

*6 SEPA does not currently have this function. Xpeng Motors will upgrade its products as the technology develops.

*7 The central gateway enables 100% Internet connection for the SEPA controller.

*8 L3 autonomous parking assistance will be provided via future OTA. Please look for XPENG Motors’ official announcement on OTA.

*9 Data may vary depending on driving style, road conditions and actual scenario. This does not guarantee automatic parking can be achieved under all circumstances.

*10 Autonomous driving assistance is currently limited to the above two features. Depending on the actual driving environment and road conditions, in some scenarios, the driver still needs to intervene manually.

*11 On congested city roads, it reduces the chance of being cut out in dense, slow traffic.

*12 Eye contact feature currently is only supported by the eye contact-enabled screen. Facial expression recognition can currently recommend music only. Results may vary depending on actual scenario.

*13 Application downloads need to be performed with Internet connection.