G3 is equipped with 23 sensors and cameras to achieve advanced autonomous driving.
· 12 ultrasonic radar sensors
· 8 high-definition cameras
· 3 millimeter-wave radar sensors
Accurate and real-time detection of roads, vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles.
Intelligent sensor fusion and decision making algorithms in powerful SoC (System-on-a-Chip).
ADAS and automatic parking designed for China’s challenging driving conditions.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

ACC function enables the G3 to automatically follow and stop within the safety distance. It has integrated cruise assist (ICA) and traffic jam assist (TJA) to navigate through highway conditions and traffic congestions.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Lane Centering Control (LCC)
  • Adaptive Turning Control (ATC)
  • Automatic Speed Limiting (ASL)
  • Assisted Lane Change (ALC)
  • Driving Assistance Environment Display

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, XPILOT and automatic parking, are not applicable to all kinds of traffic, weather or road conditions. Driver must always observe the traffic conditions and take control of the car in case XPILOT fails to provide proper steering assistance or maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead or drive at a proper speed. Please check full details of the relevant functions and learn the limitations of each function in User’s Manual. Driver shall be aware of all the limitations before using any of these functions. Please use the functions with caution in following situations: constantly-changing traffic, wet weather condition (ice, snow and rain), puddle or muddy road, road with poor visibility, winding mountain road, entrance or exit of highway, etc.

Full-Scenario Automatic Parking

G3 identifies parking options and parks automatically with a success rate over 90% in various scenarios: vertical, parallel, irregular or unmarked parking spaces. G3 can center itself in a parking space with a 40cm margin from both sides.

Voice-activated Parking Assistance

Parking made easy.

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