Superior Driving Performance



NEDC Driving Range
365 km
Chassis Tuned by MIRA Company

In the initial stages of R&D, professional chassis adjustment and testing was conducted by UK and Chinese engineers at MIRA’s facility in England.

3 Adaptable Driving Modes Optimize Energy Utilization

G3 offers three driving modes for different driving needs. The driving range can be extended using the energy recovery mode.




Faster Acceleration


Longer Driving Range

High capacity battery pack

Powered by a high-capacity 47 kW/h battery with an energy density of 140 Wh/kg, G3 charges to 80% of capacity in just 30 minutes.

140 Wh/kg

Energy Density

30 mins

Charging to 80% Capacity

Battery Safety Safe guarding Your Journey
G3 is powered by high-capacity and high-density batteries that use wire bonding technology and an embedded triple fault alarm. Aluminum wires, which act as a fuse under high current conditions, effectively improve the battery system’s safety and reliability. Liquid cooling technology ensures battery safety by maintaining a constant temperature range.
Battery liquid cooling technology
Pressure relief valve
BMS active fusing technology
IP67 Waterproof and dust-proof
The 2nd generation permanent magnet synchronous motor

With an electric energy conversion rate of 90%, you will enjoy the added power of G3 as it accelerates. It rolls out with a noise level lower than 5dB enabled by the ultra-quiet technology.

196 ps

Output Horsepower

5 dB

Ultra-quiet Technology

90 %

Electric Energy Conversion Rate

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