Your Smart Electric SUV

G3 listens and understands your needs. It learns fast and becomes ever smarter. It takes you further and brings the world to you. G3 gives you a peace of mind and it is at your fingertips.
G3, your new driving companion.

  • 1.889㎡ panoramic windshield
  • Sports seats
  • AI assistant and remote diagnosis
Smart Choice of 80% customers

As for Core plus

  • Advanced driver-assistance systems
  • Full-scenario automatic parking
  • Wireless phone charging and leather seats
  • Enhanced safety features

As for Smart plus

  • 360° panoramic roof camera
  • NAPPA leather adjustable seats
  • NAPPA leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Leather-lined roof
  • Optional two-tone aluminum alloy 19-inch wheel hubs
Attention: Due to color accuracy on different computer screens, model color shown in specs table is for illustration purpose only and actual color may vary.



NEDC driving range



Charge to 80% capacity

All function parameters shown are testing results based on G3 with 17-inch wheels and roof camera off.

Driving Made Simpler with XPILOT 2.5

G3 is equipped with 23 sensors and cameras to achieve advanced autonomous driving.
· 12 ultrasonic radar sensors
· 8 high-definition cameras
· 3 millimeter-wave radar sensors
Accurate and real-time detection of roads, vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles.
Intelligent sensor fusion and decision-making algorithms in powerful SoC (System-on-a-Chip).
ADAS and automatic parking designed for China’s challenging driving conditions.

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Xmart OS Connects You to the World

Proprietary smart operating system puts you in control using voice, touch screen and our friendly mobile APP.

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Young and energetic
Distinctive and charismatic
G3, your smart SUV with a sporty spirit.

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Striking Day-time Running Lights

Striking Day-time Running Lights

Integrated Diamond Matrix LED Taillights

Integrated Diamond Matrix LED Taillights

1.889㎡ Panoramic Windshield

1.889㎡ Panoramic Windshield

15.6-inch Intelligent Central Console

15.6-inch Intelligent Central Console

NAPPA Leather Adjustable Sports Seats

NAPPA Leather Adjustable Sports Seats


High performance
Low drag coefficient
Stable driving range
G3, your trusted driving companion.

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Safety Solutions Tailored for Driving in China

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Designed for Comfort

A Mobile “Comfort Zone”

Improved in-car air quality
Intelligent adjustable seats
Superior audio system
G3, your luxurious mobile space.

Proprietary Supercharging
Network Across China
  • Supercharging stations
  • Home charging piles
  • Third-party charging networks
  • Owner-managed charging
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