Xpeng P7 driving range updated for multiple versions

fromXpeng Motors2020/06/17

(June 15, 2020, Guangzhou) An increased NEDC driving range for three versions of the Xpeng P7 EV sports sedan was confirmed by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last week. The improvements range from 10km to 18km. 

Details of Xpeng P7 NEDC driving range improvements 


Two main updates contributed to the improvements.

First, the X-Pedal driving mode software, originally only available for the rear-wheel-drive super-long range standard version with 706km NEDC range, is now available for all the other versions.  

The X-Pedal mode offers close to 100% energy recuperation for the regenerative braking system. This means about 30% of the driving range will come from energy recuperation, which significantly improves the P7’s energy efficiency. The improvements were achieved through the Xpeng P7’s software optimization based on the existing hardware.


Secondly, the P7’s Battery Management System (BMS) software has also been optimized for the rear-wheel-drive long-range version to deliver better power distribution and better performance.

All customers of the Xpeng P7 will receive the upgraded versions, based on their orders. The P7 will be produced at Xpeng’s self-built fully-owned factory in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province with customer delivery planned at the end of June.  

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