Xpeng P7 successfully completes the four-poster road endurance and durability test, simulating 10 round-the-world trips

fromXpeng Motors2019/09/24

(Sep 23, 2019 Guangzhou) Xpeng Motors announced today that the Xpeng P7 intelligent coupe has successfully completed the “Nightmare Difficulty” four-poster simulated road endurance and durability test at the Western Chongqing Automobile Test Center. Taking place in July 2019, the test continued non-stop for 300 hours, simulating an actual journey of 400,000 km – equivalent to 10 round-the-world trips. (See the video clip on Youtube here)

This is one of several dozens of stringent and comprehensive tests that the P7 has gone through, which include road strength tests, integrated road tests and extreme temperature simulation tests. We will announce the other results in the near future.  

The four-poster durability test provides comprehensive assessment of vehicle body, chassis, interior and exterior, electronics, and tests the durability of system structures such as electrical appliances and powertrains. As an effective complement to field road testing, the four-poster test is unaffected by personnel, road conditions or weather. It can test the ultimate durability of the vehicle in an extreme environment, and can set different levels of difficulties according to test requirements.

The P7 was tested at “Nightmare Difficulty.” A range of 13 different kinds of highly challenging high-intensity road surfaces was selected to create "nightmare road conditions" integrated into the test-bench specifics, including pebbly roads, potholes, and bouncing from pitfalls. The hydraulic cylinders of the test gantry were set to high speed, increasing the simulated distance. After completion of the test, the P7 was completely disassembled and examined to assess actual fatigue, with zero tolerance for any slight fatigue fracture. The P7 passed this test with no signs of any stress fractures or damage.

The P7's durability can be attributed to its high-strength body design, solid construction and advanced manufacturing processes. The body is made of high-strength steel and aluminum, with 8.3% of its composition based on thermoformed steel, whose tensile strength reaches 1500 MPa, most used in the manufacture of warships and submarines. The extensive use of spur riveting (SPR) and body joint structure rubber technology also reinforces the P7’s body strength.

“The P7’s successful completion of this ‘Nightmare Difficulty’ test underlines our design philosophy, that good enough is not good enough, and we aim to achieve and deliver the exceptional,” said Jack Xu, Vice President of Automotive at Xpeng Motors. “The P7’s superior construction and durability is as important as its cutting-edge electronic and autonomous driving systems in achieving the complete solution for the 2nd generation smart vehicle.”

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