What’s new at Xpeng Motors

fromXpeng Motors2019/05/13

Tops April EV delivery among new EV makers

Xpeng Motors delivered 2,200 units of its first production model, the Xpeng G3 EV SUV, to customers in April, ranking the company No. 1 among new EV manufacturers in China for the month by delivery numbers, according to data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on May 10th.


Kicks off new retail network

Xpeng Motors kicked off its new retail program today, inviting retailers in China to join its network of authorized retail stores. The company plans to expand its sales network to 100 plus retail stores by the end of 2019, including both self-operated and authorized retail stores.


Implements Xmart OS 1.3 & OTA upgrades

Xpeng G3 owners received Xmart OS 1.3 through the latest over-the-air (OTA) upgrade on April 29, with new features such as facial recognition ID log-in and ID activated personalized in-car setting. Over 40 new features and 200 plus enhanced functions have been upgraded via OTA since G3’s launch in Dec.


Xpeng Motors by numbers

The table below provides a glance of Xpeng’s recent progress by numbers on sales & delivery, OTA upgrades, the buildout of retail and charging network across China, and utilization stats for the G3’s advanced capabilities and features.

Sales & delivery
2,200Units of G3 delivered in April 2019
10,000+Units scheduled for delivery by end July 2019
40,000+Units planned for delivery by end Dec 2019
OTA upgrades
40+Number of new features implemented via OTA since G3’s launch in Dec 2018
200+Number of enhanced features implemented via OTA since G3’s launch in Dec 2018
Retail stores
100+New self-operated & authorized retail stores planned to open in 2019
80+Number of cities in China planned to set up Xpeng retail stores
Charging stations
39Number of Xpeng supercharging stations built in China so far
200+Number of Xpeng supercharging stations planned for completion in 2019
1,000+Number of Xpeng supercharging stations planned for completion in 3 years
Utilization stats
28,860Times full-scenario automatic parking system utilized since Jan 2019
435,370Times voice assistant called since Jan 2019
511,840KM distance driven entirely in ACC mode since Jan 2019