Press statement responding to Tesla's lawsuit against XMotors' employee

from XPENG Motors/March 22, 2019

Press Statement, Inc., an independent subsidiary of XPENG Motors, responds to the reports regarding Tesla, Inc.’s lawsuit against Mr. Guangzhi Cao, a former employee of Tesla and a current employee of XMotors.

1. XMotors fully respects any third-party’s intellectual property rights and confidential information. The company has been complying and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

2. The company has initiated an internal investigation into this matter.

3. XMotors has by no means caused or attempted to cause Mr. Cao to misappropriate trade secrets, confidential and proprietary information of Tesla, whether such allegations by Tesla being true or not.

4. XMotors was not aware of any alleged misconduct by Mr. Cao.


Mar 22, 2019