Making Driving Simpler
*Certain functions including remote control parking demonstrated in the video above are for the G3 China version only. These functions currently have not been implemented in the G3's Norwegian version. Please do not use the video as a basis for your purchasing decisions. Please consult your local dealer and sales representatives for the specific parking function of the G3 Norwegian versions.
More Upgrades. Smarter Driving
Equipped with 20 sensors, including 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 high-definition cameras and 3 millimeter-wave radars, the G3 accurately identifies roads, vehicles, pedestrians and road obstacles. Its powerful system-on-chip produces automatic driving assistance and full-scenario auto parking solutions for China's road conditions, enabling XPILOT Level 2.5 smart driving.
* Only G3 Smart and Premium versions are equipped with 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 high-definition cameras, 3 millimeter-wave radars;
* Only G3 Smart and Premium Versions are equipped with smart chips;
* The G3’s XPILOT 2.5 Automatic Driving Assistance System (ADAS) is a driving assistance function and is not designed to handle all traffic, weather or road conditions. The driver must always pay attention to the current traffic conditions. If the ADAS fails to provide proper steering assistance or maintain appropriate speed and distance between vehicles, the driver needs to actively intervene. Please read all the relevant sections in the user’s manual to fully understand the limitations of this feature. Drivers should be aware of these limitations before using the function. Use caution when traffic conditions are complex, such as snowy, rainy, slippery, flooded or muddy roads, poor visibility, rugged mountain roads or highway entrances.
Advanced Auto Parking Assistance:
Super Easy
Combing ultrasonics with the panoramic vision system, XPeng’s parking technology covers 70% of parking scenarios. Sensing between parallel and vertical parking spaces, marked and unmarked spaces, the Auto Parking Assistance achieves a success rate of up to 80%. In narrow spaces inconvenient to get in or out of the vehicle, the G3 can automatically handle the parking function for you.
* The success rate of the Advanced Auto Parking Assistance is based on research and assessment by the XPeng Automobile Intelligent Driving Center. The data should not be used as the only basis for purchasing decisions.
Voice Control Parking Assistance
"Hello Xiao P, I want to park", "Hello Xiao P, I’ve arrived. Now you can park".
After arriving at the destination, you can initiate automatic parking by voice, quick and easy.
Intelligent Driving System
Automatic Speed Limiting (ASL)
Speed automatically adjusted according to traffic conditions and road signs.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, XPILOT and automatic parking, are not applicable to all kinds of traffic, weather or road conditions. Driver must always observe the traffic conditions and take control of the car in case XPILOT fails to provide proper steering assistance or maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead or drive at a proper speed. Please check full details of the relevant functions and learn the limitations of each function in User’s Manual. Driver shall be aware of all the limitations before using any of these functions. Please use the functions with caution in following situations: constantly-changing traffic, wet weather condition (ice, snow and rain), puddle or muddy road, road with poor visibility, winding mountain road, entrance or exit of highway, etc.

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