C-NCAP Five-star Safety Standards


High-strength Body Structure

The G3’s body structure is 70% comprised of high-strength steel with ultra-high strength steel plate (980-1180MPa) accounting for 6.7%, 1500MPa thermoformed steel plate accounting for 7.5%, and a front hatch made of lightweight high-strength aluminum alloy. It provides the armor for your protection.

High-strength Body Structure

Safety Airbag Protection

Six safety airbags ensure that passengers are fully protected in all directions in case of a collision. The airbags are released instantly in the event of a collision to minimize potential injuries.

Full car airbag

Intelligent Safety System

The G3 is the first to be equipped with Bosch ESP 9.3 version of the electronic stability system. Compared with ESP version 9.1, sensor accuracy is increased by 33 times with faster intervention speed, effectively preventing any control incidents. The G3 is your safe travel companion.

  • LCA
  • AEB
  • FCW
  • BSD
  • LDW
  • SLA
  • RCTA
  • MSB
  • Lane change alert (LCA)

  • Autonomous emergency brake (AEB) with pedestrian detection

  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

  • Blind spot detection (BSD)

  • Lane departure warning (LDW)

  • Intelligent speed limit assist (SLA)

  • Rear cross traffic alert (RCTA)

  • MSB Electric seatbelt (with collision warning)

Three Levels of Data Protection

XPeng Motors is fully committed to personal data security. A triple level data security firewall and a passcode protected high-performance security chip are in place to ensure rigorous data security.

  • Cloud Safety

    High-strength “whitebox” defences, risk-aware secure system log-in to prevent hacking

  • Chip Safety

    High performance security chip, segregated advanced driver assistance module to prevent interference

  • Mobile Data Safety

    AI cloud firewall, AI-empowered security alert to prevent counterfeiting

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