Longest-range Electric Smart Compact SUV

Range anxiety? The G3 addresses your concerns.520km NEDC range capacity powers you for a long haul ride – all the way!

NEDC Range Calculator


External temperature


Air conditioning

* The New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standards simulate real-life driving conditions, including 4 urban and 1 suburban driving scenarios, such as parking, acceleration, constant speed and deceleration. Compared with the constant-speed driving range, the NEDC range better simulates real-life driving.

High-capacity High-density Battery Packs with Superior Safety

High-density, high-capacity and safety are our core priorities for batteries. The >66kW·h power, 180Wh/kg high-density battery pack has exceptional safety features. The external high-strength housing case, and internal flame-retardant design, backed up with stringent testing before installation make driving safer. Supercharging means your G3 520i will have charged up a week’s battery power by the time you have finished your meal.


CATL Battery Pack

Flame-retardant battery pack designHigh-strength housing case

  • IP68

    Waterproof & dustproof rating

  • 100Over

    Design tests

  • 99%

    Charging station compatible

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