Post subsidies retail price

Post subsidies retail price

Post subsidies retail price

Display model: Colors shown in vehicle specs are for reference only. Actual vehicle color may vary slightly from that shown on screen.
Longest-range Compact SUV*
520 km
NEDC driving range
30 mins
30%-80% charging efficiency
waterproof & dustproof
* Only G3 520i use CATL battery
* Only the CATL battery used by G3 520i long range version offers 520km NEDC range with 30 mins 30%-80% supercharging efficiency and IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating.
L2.5 Automatic Driving Assistance System. Driving Made Easy
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L2.5 Automatic Driving
Assistance System

12  Ultrasonic radars3  Millimeter-wave radars

4  Body cameras1  Front camera


Lane lines          Vehicles

Pedestrians       Road obstacles

Xmart OS In-car Intelligent System
Smart mobility starts here
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3 screens + cloud storage
AI Smart Assistant
Dynamic Design Embodies Energy
The G3’s futuristic design has been recognized by the prestigious iF Design Award in 2019. The dynamic design inspired by space flight and astrodynamics optimizes the G3’s wind resistance to 0.29, the lowest in its class. This unique design also increases driver visibility by 40%. Experience the future with the G3.
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Light-sword LED daytime running lights
Shark-nose inspired front profile

Integrated diamond matrix LED taillight
(with streamer steering effect)

1.889sqm panoramic front

Integrated sports seat

* The G3 is equipped with 1.889sqm panoramic front windshield, increasing your vision by 40% compared with conventional vehicles.
C-NCAP Five-star Safety Standards
The G3 ensures your safety with its comprehensive active and passive safety features. 70% of the vehicle body is made of high-strength steel, creating a cage-shape safety architecture. Five rounds of safety tests, including 63 vehicle collisions and 40 sliding tests, were conducted to cover a full range of collision scenarios. The G3 provides you with safety protections beyond the five-star standards.
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70 %
High-strength steel
6.7 %
Ultra-high strength steel
7.5 %
Thermoformed steel
vehicle safety architecture
Supercharging. Super Convenient. Your Exclusive Privilege
We strive to build a convenient supercharging service network to meet your smart mobility and battery power requirements.
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DC fast charging ≤30 mins
30% to 80%

XPeng user exclusive benefits*:
50% supercharging discount

*XPeng G3 2019 user exclusive benefits: 50% supercharging discount

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