Xmart OS

Connecting You to the World, Making Driving Pure Pleasure

Smart Mobility Starts with G3

Proprietary Xmart OS connects 15.6-inch central screen, 12.3-inch instrument panel and mobile APP to deliver seamless driving experience.

Smart Screens Connect to the Cloud

Multiple ways to interact with G3 using voice, touch screen and mobile APP to access infotainment in real-time.

Intelligent Navigation

Personalized navigation powered by AutoNavi’s big-data including over 30 million offline and 50 million online data points. The system includes voice-controlled route search and optimization with seamless integration to your Smartphone via the APP.

Smart AI Voice Assistant
Your Trusted Driving Companion

Like a friend, your AI assistant listens to you, understands your needs and speaks your language naturally. It assists you to access the in-car functions like temperature control, playing music and navigation. And it distinguishes between the voice sources of the driver and front passenger.

Audio Books and Music
with Multiple X-Sound Modes

Xmart OS learns to recognize your music preferences and offers a library of over 100,000 songs and several million audio books. X-Sound comes with multiple sound effects to create your preferred in-car environment.

Remote APP Control

Manage in-car conditions, locate your G3, find a charging pile and control the roof camera with ease via the Xmart mobile APP.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Upgrades

OTA upgrades enable new functions and features, making G3 ever smarter over time.

Independent X_ID Account

Your customized X_ID memorizes your driving habits and preferences. With your X_ID, your G3 is personalized to you.

APP Store

Xmart OS provides a comprehensive collection of in-car gaming, entertainment, smart mobility and lifestyle APPs.

More Xmart OS Functions

    • Facial Recognition Payment
    • Automatic Recording of Special Moments
    • Driving Record
    • ETCP Smart Parking Function
    • Meditation mode
    • Smart Car Wash Service
    • Vision-Based Rainfall-Sensor & Automatic Wiper Activation
    • Personalized In-car Setting
    • Driving Habit Analysis

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